to Victory

This is a thank you project to heroic Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories.

"Train to Victory" is 7 train cars painted by Ukrainian artists. Each car is dedicated to a region of Ukraine and the exploits of people resisting the russian occupiers.

Click on one of the 7 regions on the map below to read the story of the hero and their feat.

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Illustration by Andrii Prysiazhnyuk

Eight years ago, Russia occupied Crimea. Since then, any opposition and pro-Ukrainian sentiments have been brutally suppressed on the peninsula to erase all associations with Ukraine. Forever. However, it did not work.

On May 16, 2022, footage of a protest by Bohdan Ziza, a Ukrainian artist who splashed blue and yellow paint on the city administration in Yevpatoria, went viral on the internet. He was arrested the same day. He is currently in the pre-trial detention center in Simferopol, and the hero's sister and friends are fighting for his freedom. Bohdan's act is the voice of all Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

For two weeks, Sasha was looking for her brother everywhere. As it turned out, the occupiers took him to a pre-trial detention center, where they tried to beat him into a fake confession and repentance.

The FSB opened a case under the article on terrorism. This means at least 15 years in prison. But thanks to the publicity, shares and news, the whole country together managed to get Bohdan a meeting with his lawyer.

"It is difficult, but there is hope," — Sasha continues to advocate for her brother's freedom. Bohdan Ziza represents all Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied Crimea, and we should not forget about them even for a moment. Sometimes heroes also need to be protected.

PHOTO: "RIA News Crimea"

All 8 years of occupation of Crimea, russia has not stopped the pressure and persecution of pro-Ukrainian activists - dozens of people are in prisons both on the peninsula and on the territory of russia.

At first, I was afraid to say too much, and now I am afraid of the lack of publicity.

Sasha Barkova, Bohdan Ziza

an artist from the Ukrainian Crimea and the hero's sister

Share this story and use the hashtag #FreeBogdanZiza — our support is important for Bogdan and all the brave Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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